University of Ottawa Pension Plan 

January 1, 2024: Indexation of retirement pension: Please click on the Pension Indexation tab on the left for information about the January 1, 2024 indexation for retired members of the pension plan.

The University of Ottawa Pension Plan provides a retirement pension to eligible retired members. The amount is determined at the time of your retirement, and is indexed thereafter according to the provisions of the Plan.

The Pension Plan Committee is responsible for interpreting the pension plan documents and making recommendations to the Board of Governors on matters relating to the pension plan.

All employee groups who participate in the pension plan are represented on the Pension Plan Committee. Retired members of the administrative staff who are participants in the plan have two representatives on the Committee. The current administrative staff representatives on the Pension Plan Committee are Louise Pagé-Valin and Lucie Mercier-Gauthier.

Their role is to represent the interests of retired members of the administrative staff with respect to any issues that relate specifically to their pension retirement benefits and to keep abreast of pension plan issues brought to the Pension Plan Committee in the regular meetings held throughout the year. They are key Pension Plan Committee stakeholders and are consulted in any discussions brought to the Pension Plan Committee. They also report to the Administrative Staff Retirees Association (ASRA) on these issues.

Each year, the University of Ottawa and the ASRA representatives provide reports on the state of the pension plan and of the pension fund to keep you informed about the health of the pension fund, as well as any issues currently under consideration by the Pension Plan Committee.