Health Insurance

Health Insurance


Up to the age of 65, anyone who is retired can obtain insurance through the University of Ottawa’s health. dental, hospital and travel insurance plans by paying the premiums for this coverage. For information and application forms, contact Human Resources: (613) 562-5800, extension 1747. 

When this coverage ends at age 65, any person who is retired may become a member of a group health care insurance plan. Some people may continue to benefit from the University's group hospitalization insurance after age 65; verify your coverage with Canada Life.

Here are some preferred health, dental and travel insurance providers.

IMPORTANT: Residents of all provinces are eligible for the insurances below, provided they have worked in Ontario.

RTO/ERO – Retired Teachers of Ontario: Insurance is not based on age. 85% refunds, $3,500 limit. Membership Fee. 

OTIP – Ontario's Teachers’ Insurance Plan: Medical and travel insurance are combined while dental insurance is separate.

MROO - Municipal Retirees Organization of Ontario: Dental insurance is included in the basic medical option. Travel insurance is separate and minimal. 

Canada Life – Health insurance plan, 1-833-794-0225.

NOTE: The costs of these programs are entirely borne by the participants. You must evaluate each of these programs to determine which one best meets your needs.

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