2023 Recipients:  five $2,000 Scholarships

[untitled]Sabina BAJRI is a third-year student completing a joint degree in civil law and international development. She speaks four languages and has been a volunteer note taker in each of her classes for students needing accommodations. Sabina participated in a pro bono project informing women who’ve struggled with the justice system’s policies on child custody, and now also volunteers for the uOttawa Indigenous Law Circle as a networking agent and spokesperson. Sabina serves as the V-P of the uOttawa symposium for Lawyers Without Borders and mentors two first-year law students as well. Finally, as part of the Interdisciplinary Legal Clinic team, she pools her efforts with those of social workers, as well as law and nursing interns, to assist people who are homeless or risking homelessness and to help create a day centre in Gatineau.

EllaithyMaleeka ELLAITHY is a second-year student in the Biomedical Science Program at the Faculty of Science with an impressive academic standing. Maleeka is co-founder, former co-president, regional outreach director, workshop organizer, fundraiser and mentor of the Ottawa Chapter of Women in STEM, which helps empower female youth and advocates for gender equality. She is also the founder of the youth-led philanthropic YouthBeHeard Canada, an organization that allows youth to support their disadvantaged peers globally and to stand up for their rights. What’s more, Maleeka tutors for a charity at uOttawa, providing mentorship to local students while donating all proceeds to refugee-crisis causes and to a local hospital. She is a volunteer teaching assistant at a language school, a member of the uOttawa Alzheimer’s Awareness Club and a first-aid responder at community events. Maleeka has published a dozen anthologies to raise awareness about discrimination and systemic racism, garnering first place at a regional writing competition for her efforts. In 2021, Maleeka received the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award for her community involvement and volunteering.

PinetteDylan PINETTE is a two-spirited, bilingual Metis student in his third year at the School of Music (Faculty of Arts). On the strength of his dedication to music and traditional arts, Dylan remains connected to his Indigenous heritage and ancestral lands by giving free music lessons to underprivileged and indigenous youth and by staging private Metis and classical music concerts for elders in his community. Dylan, who is bilingual and boasts an excellent academic profile, has also worked as a Western Canada student mentor at the University of Ottawa.

AbushaikhaEnas ABUSHAIKHA is a third-year student in the Biomedical Science Program at the Faculty of Science. She’s fluently bilingual and boasts an almost perfect academic standing. Since high school and throughout her university studies, Enas has volunteered more than 700 hours in long-term care, in educational assistance and for the Girl Guides. She is also the V-P of the Multiple Sclerosis uOttawa Club and has recently registered for the Undergraduate Science Case Competition (USCC). Her passion for medicine fuels her motivation during her shifts as a part-time pharmacy assistant and her shadowing experiences with a family physician.

QuesnelShana QUESNEL is a fourth-year student in the joint history and political science program of the Faculty of Arts. Shana is a member of the Rotoract Club, as well as head of francophone relations and representative of the riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell for the Ontario Provincial Youth Cabinet. She’s also a member of the steering committee and a translator for the uOPride Club. In addition, she is a member of the executive of the Eco-Justice Club, for which she organized multiple awareness and fundraising campaigns; one of the Club’s great victories was when the University of Ottawa announced that it was ending its investments in oil in 2025 in reaction to a lobbying campaign that spanned several years.

2022 Recipients:  five $2,500 Scholarships

Salameh, Jana
Jana SALAMEH is a third-year student in the international management option of the Telfer School of Management. A Telfer Career Centre ambassador, Jana acts as a liaison between the Centre and Telfer’s many student clubs, delivering presentations, promoting events, writing blogs and conducting peer-to-peer advising. She is not only a choir and guitar instructor, a wedding entertainer and a tutor, but also a teaching assistant, lab monitor, marker and proctor. She is also a delegate of the uOttawa, Harvard and McGill Model United Nations Association, where she learns about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. Finally, thanks to her excellent academic standing, Jana has garnered many distinctions, including a spot on the Dean’s List.  

Kearns, Emma

Emma KEARNS is a second-year psychology student at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since the age of 14, Emma has volunteered actively for Scouts Canada, serving as a youth trainer, as well as facilitating leadership and training courses for adults and youths. Her achievements with Scouts Canada have won her the organization’s Order of the Caribou and the Medal of Good Service. And in 2020, she received the Lieutenant Governor of Québec’s Youth Medal for her exemplary volunteerism in local communities. Emma is involved as a counsellor in educational support programs with the Learning Disabilities Association of Ottawa-Carleton and the Barton Reading and Spelling Program for adults and children with dyslexia.   Thank you letter from Emma Kearns

Richard, EveÈve RICHARD is a third-year student in conflict studies and human rights at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She helps her community through Accompagnement des femmes immigrantes de l’Outaouais and Accueil-Parrainage Outaouais, where she guides newly arrived individuals who need reference points, support or psychological help. Ève also volunteered in the Dominican Republic for a mission designed to ease access to water and promote agriculture in a remote region. 

 Howard, MaryMary HOWARD is a third-year student in history and French as a second language at the Faculty of Arts. Mary has contributed to various extracurricular groups on campus, for instance as a member and leader of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and as vice-president of Internal Affairs for the International Justice Mission. She’s also a Sunday school leader in her Ottawa church community.

[untitled]Kaitlin GALLANT is a second-year student in the joint political-science and history program (French-immersion stream) at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She’s been a parliamentary page for the House of Commons, a dance instructor and a camp counsellor, and has received many prizes and distinctions, including first place in all of Canada for public speaking in the Concours d’art oratoire. On campus, she supervises seven student ambassadors and sits on both the Model Parliament and the Entrepreneurship Hub, on top of running a photography business called Kaitlin Adeline Photography.  Thank you letter from Kaitlin Gallant

2021 Recipients:  five $2,000 Scholarships

Raina Barara

Raina BARARAa third-year student in the Psychology Program at the Faculty of Social Sciences, boasts a very impressive GPA. She has also received several awards, including uOttawa’s Chancellor’s Scholarship, as well as the silver and bronze medals for the Public Speaking Competition. Raina volunteers actively at the Pride Centre, the Relay for Life and the Mentoring Centre. She is also the director of equity for the Psychology Students Association.

Léa Montminy-BergeronLéa MONTMINY-BERGERON is in her second year of the Biochemistry Program at the Faculty of Science. Since 2017, Léa has been a member of the Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans as a karate instructor. She is vice-president of bilingualism for the Science Students Association. She belongs to a student club that raises awareness of mental health issues in support of The Royal and has also volunteered for the uOttawa Health Conference.   Thank you letter from Léa Montminy-Bergeron 

Julianne OUELLETTE-PARADIS Julianne OUELLETTE-PARADIS is a third-year CO-OP stream student in the Honours Bachelor of Commerce Program (International Management option) at the Telfer School of Management. Julianne is not only bilingual (English-French), but also on her way to becoming fluent in Spanish by the end of her undergraduate studies. Julianne took part in the Telfer School of Management Women in Management Network (WMN) and in Telfer International to celebrate gender equity in the workplace and international student inclusion. Now involved in research with the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition and in the Developer Student Club, Julianne is also spearheading the first cross-faculty technological conference, Tech A Step, where the focus is on empowering youths to take a step towards careers in business and technical fields.  Thank you letter from Julianne

Emily NAVEENAN Emily NAVEENAN is a second-year student at the Telfer School of Management, in the French-immersion Bachelor of Commerce/Juris Doctor Program with an excellent academic standing. Aside from volunteering with child programs, civic action institutions, Epilepsy Ontario, women’s shelters, and uO student mentor programs, Emily is a crisis responder and ambassador for the Kids Help Phone. At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, she began LocksFor19 where donated hair is sold to companies that manufacture wigs, and proceeds are used to support shelters and low-income families. In September 2019, she initiated a fundraiser called Henna for Epilepsy, and during this three-day event, students were educated on South Asian tradition of henna, involved in celebrating diversity while learning about epilepsy. She is involved in uOttawa Tamil Student Union, the Telfer Human Resources Association and is also responsible for the financial aspects for the Telfer Law Society Club.  Thank you letter from Emily Naveenan

is a second-year, French-immersion undergraduate student in the Faculty of Social Sciences’ Political Science/Juris Doctor Program, with a Anjana BALACHANDRANconcentration in international relations. Thanks to her excellent academic standing, she qualified for the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) which she is now continuing at uOttawa. In the fall of 2020, she was selected as a research intern for the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks Civil Society Program.  Anjana has had an overwhelming drive to make a positive difference in her community since primary and secondary school—and that drive continues at university. Since 2018, she served as co-president of the Nepean Constituency Youth Council, including the Canadian Council of Young Feminists, and worked on steering committees like Vote16, a campaign in favour of Bill S219 introduced to lower the voting age in Canada to 16. She is also part of the steering committee and a founding member of the Canadian Coalition for Youth, Peace and Security. On campus, she leads the operation of Sprout, a social enterprise that addresses food insecurity around Ottawa, and serves as the director of sponsorship for CASCO, a student-run charity that does yearly fundraising for CHEO.  

2020 Recipients:  two $2,500 Scholarships 

Alexandre Bernard 2020Alexandre BERNARD is a second-year student in chemical engineering (co-op stream). He has garnered many distinctions to date at both the high-school and postsecondary levels, including a place on the Dean’s Honour List, thanks to his stellar academic performance. On the strength of these achievements, he was able to participate in a University of Calgary chemistry research project in the summer 2019. A native of Calgary, Alexandre completed high school in French immersion, and he further honed his French-language skills through a cultural-exchange program in Québec City. Along with his keen interest in multiple sports that include ultimate frisbee, football, soccer, track and field and badminton, he’s always made time to give to his community, for instance working as student body president of his high school, being a member of the scouts, serving meals to the homeless and even volunteering for Calgary’s western festivities. Finally, Alexandre has been helping uOttawa students in residence as a community advisor since 2019.

Teresa Gawargy 2020Teresa GAWARGY, a second-year biochemistry student at the Faculty of Science, has an enviable cumulative grade point average. She received the Medal of Excellence from Conservatory Canada for the highest mark in Ontario, as well as the School Champion Medal of the Waterloo Mathematics and Computing Contest for the top high-school math contest score. Teresa volunteers at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital in the emergency and hemodialysis departments. In addition, she contributes to her church community as a musician in the choir and as a facilitator for children attending Sunday school. A tutor from the time she entered high school, she lends a hand to students in biology, chemistry and mathematics. Finally, she displays her passion for sports as volunteer sports photographer over the summer and winter. Thank you letter from Teresa.

2019 Recipients:  two $2,500 Scholarships

Claudia Meloche

Claudia MELOCHE, who has a degree in science, is a second-year MD student at the Faculty of Medicine. Her outstanding academic achievement and her volunteering with the Cancer Society have won her various honours. She’s also volunteered for CHEO, Canadian Blood Services, a refugee family in Ottawa and a humanitarian mission in Peru. On campus, Claudia served as a mentor for chemistry courses while also sitting on the executive of the Anatomy Interest Group and on the University of Ottawa Heart Institute’s Student Foundation. She currently chairs the Canadian Federation of Medical Students National Blood Drive.  Thank you letter from Claudia.

Maëla SÉGUIN, is a second-year nursing student at the Faculty of Health Sciences, stands out for both her academic achievement and her social conscience. She’s been on a humanitarian mission to Ecuador as part of the Me to We initiative of UNIS, the goal being to build schools in the Andes and in Amazonia. Maëla has also volunteered at the Pembroke Regional Hospital’s gift shop. Finally, she has fond memories of her involvement as a saxophonist at the opening ceremonies of the Jeux franco-ontariens.

2018 Recipients:  three $2,000 scholarships

Camille Godin

Camille GODIN is a second-year student in the Bachelor of Commerce / Juris Doctor at the Telfer School of Management and maintains an excellent CGPA. Among the numerous prizes and distinctions she received is the Governor General’s Academic Medal in 2016 and the Collins Barrow Prize for her outstanding achievements and involvement in curricular and extracurricular activities. Examples of her volunteer work include teaching soccer to kids, serving as treasurer of her student council, and fundraising for the Northern Cancer Foundation in the Greater Sudbury region.  Thank you letter from Camille (in French).
Carlie BoisvertCarlie BOISVERT is a third-year student in the Biomedical Sciences Program at the Faculty of Sciences. Since 2016, Carlie is a member of the University of Ottawa Board of Governors, representing undergraduate students. She was part of the Selection Committee for the recruitment of the Vice-President, Research. Among her numerous volunteer commitments, she helps families from Syria settle in Canada, is a personal and academic mentor at Val-d’Or’s Aboriginal Centre, and also works at the Food Bank in that region.

Amin ZahralAmin ZAHRAI is a second-year student in the Biomedical Sciences Program at the Faculty of Sciences who has a very impressive CGPA. He received numerous prizes and distinctions for his academic achievements, including the Dean’s Honour list. Amin is actively involved as a volunteer in research projects on campus, and as a student mentor for new lab users. He is the founder and current president of the University of Ottawa Neuroscience Club whose major focus is mental health and brain science. He also devotes himself to the Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, and to the Cancer Eye Clinic.

Récipiendaires 2018Hélène Boivin (ASRA President), Amin Zahrai (student in Biomedical Sciences) and
Elvio Buono (Associate Vice-President, Human Resources)

2017 Recipients:  three $2,000 scholarships

Setti Behlhouari

 Setti BELHOUARI is in second year of the honours degree program in biochemistry (with minor in mathematics) at the Faculty of Science, and is on the Dean’s Honour list.  She is the editor-in-chief of the French-language edition of the science journal Catalyst at uOttawa, as well as a French-immersion ambassador at Nepean High School.  

Alexandre CoholanAlexandre COHOLAN is a second-year student at the Faculty of Medicine. He works as a preceptor for the Faculty’s Mini Medical School, an initiative of the Office of Francophone Affairs, and he also served as student council treasurer for four years. Alexandre took part in several fundraising campaigns for a humanitarian mission in Haiti whose objective was to build a school and equip it with sports equipment and learning materials.

Jessica GardnerJessica GARDNER is a third-year philosophy student at the Faculty of Arts. She garnered an array of awards during her high-school studies and is a recipient of uOttawa’s President’s Scholarship. Jessica took the mentorship training program offered by the Student Academic Success Service so she could volunteer her time at the Faculty of Arts’ Student Mentoring Centre. Thank you letter fro Jessica (in French).

Récipiendaires 2017Right to Left:  President Jacques Frémont, students Setti Belhouari and Jessica Gardner
and Hélène Boivin (president of ASRA)

 2016 Recipients:  three $2,000 scholarships

Victoria Armstrong

Victoria ARMSTRONG is a second-year student in the French as a Second Language program at the Faculty   of Arts. She garnered several awards during her high-school studies for her dedication to both soccer and rugby. Victoria is also a tutor in French as a second language at the University of Ottawa’s Bilingualism Centre.  Thank you letter from Victoria.

Romina RaeisiRomina RAEISI studies in the University’s combined French-language Common Law and Political Science program. She teaches English to French-speaking immigrants, as well as French to non-Francophone immigrants, for the Economic and Social Council of Ottawa-Carleton. She has also been volunteering with the Ottawa Arthritis Society for over four years.

Charles NellisCharles NELLIS is a second-year student in Civil Engineering. He has taken part in many enrichment activities, including science challenges as well as math, science and technology clubs. In fact, he took home  top honours in the University of Waterloo’s Pascal Mathematics Contest at his high school. As a member of the uOttawa residences Green Reps program, he helps organize environmental-awareness activities.  Thank you letter from Charles (in French).Récipiendaires 2016Left to right:  Victoria Armstrong, the President Allan Rock, Romina Raeisi
and Hélène Boivin (president of ASRA)

 2015 Recipients:  three $2,000 scholarships

 Valérie BeaulneValérie BEAULNE is a second-year Faculty of Arts student working towards a bidisciplinary honours bachelor’s degree in psychology and linguistics.  Valérie helped write, produce and direct a number of plays at her high school in Hawkesbury, as well as a special play performed as part of a benefit show for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and the Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine. She also published a science-fiction story in a collection of youth literature for the Mordus des mots competition in 2012-2013.  Thank you letter from Valérie  (in French).

Tamara Roy-StangTamara ROY-STANG is in second year of the international-management option of the bachelor of commerce degree at the Telfer School of Management.  She sits on the executive committee of the Telfer International student club which welcomes international students coming to Ottawa on an exchange program. Tamara also helped organize a humanitarian mission to Costa Rica through Canada World Youth where she taught and worked on both painting and construction projects. 

Katie Elizabeth YelleKatie Elizabeth YELLE has a bachelor of health sciences degree from uOttawa and is now in second year of the University’s French-language medical program. She’s among the organizers of blood-donor clinics at Roger-Guindon Hall for Canadian Blood Services, and has distinguished herself as a dedicated volunteer with the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health in Ottawa.  Thank you letter from Katie Elizabeth.


2014 Recipients:  three $2,000 scholarships

Renée LeducRenée LEDUC is a 3rd year student in Marketing at the Telfer School of Management and is originally from the Outaouais region.  She has worked as a volunteer for the «Festival des bâtisseurs» in the position of Volunteer Coordinator.  She also volunteered at Montreal’s St. Justine Hospital where she was responsible for the greeting of children and their families.  She is a member of the Executive Committee of the uOttawa’s delegation to the Commerce Games for 2014 and 2015.

Jason MercierJason MERCIER is a 2nd year student in the French Common Law program and is originally from Northern Ontario.  He is involved in many campus activities as Vice-President of Social Affairs, French Common Law.  For two years, he was head of regional mission for the Alberta French Games.  He taught at the high school level at Fort McMurray in Alberta and has taught English as Second Language in South Korea. Letter of thanks by Jason (in French).

Alyssa Samantha NikollaAlyssa Samantha NIKOLLA is a 2nd year student in Health Sciences and is originally from Montreal.  She volunteers at Montfort Hospital in the internal Emergency, as well as at the Elizabeth-Bruyère Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital.  She also is the Communications Coordinator for the activity “Relay for life” of the Canadian Cancer Society.  This summer, she is planning a humanitarian trip to a developing country. Récipiendaires 2014                                 Left to right:  Jason Mercier, Claude Dufresne (VP ASRA), and Renée Leduc

2013 Recipients:  three $2,000 scholarships 

Melody CoulterMelody COULTER is a 2nd year student at the School of Management. She participates actively in various university committees such as VP (Cultural Affairs) for the French Immersion Club, VP (Networking) for the Telfer Accounting Club, Tax Clinic Volunteer for the Student Federation, member of the Residence Life Team and environmental Green Representative, organiser of a fundraising for a Fair Trade Campaign (against child labor), and a number of other fundraisings.  In high school, she worked as a volunteer with disabled children (300 hours), was co-founder of the CCSS Environmental Committee, and organised various events related to Earth Day.

Caroline DicaireCaroline DICAIRE is a third-year student in Health Sciences and is from OKA, Quebec.  She participated in a humanitarian aid trip to Costa-Rica as well as a community health internship in Togo with Amnesty International.She sits on various committees for the Student Federation such as the Food Bank and the Snow Festival, and works as a volunteer with persons with an intellectual handicap at L’Arche Aguapè workshop in Gatineau.

Chloé DrouinChloé DROUIN is a 3rd-year student in Communication at the Faculty of Arts and grew up in Toronto in a mostly English environment.  She participates in various activities at the University such as volunteering as Discussion Group Host for the Bilingualism Centre, volunteering for the Buddy Program of the International Office or as sports journalist for the newspaper «La Rotonde», and acting as student-mentor for the Faculty of Arts.  Moreover, she volunteered for various festivals, and was President of the Student Council and Publicity Agent for her high school Council.  Thank you letter from Chloé (in French).Récipiendaires 2013

Left to right:  Diane Pelletier (ASRA), the Chancellor Michaëlle Jean,
the student Melody Coulter and Hélène Boivin (president, ASRA)

2012 Recipients:  two $2,000 scholarships

The generosity of our retirees as well as administrative staff permits us to offer this year two scholarships of $2000. The Active and Retired Administrative Staff Scholarship has become quite popular and, this year, we received 22 applications from well-qualified students. The Selection Committee chose two students who have not only very good academic results, but are also very active within the community and volunteer their time to help improve the lives of less fortunate persons.

Dominique LefebvreDominique LEFEBVRE Dominique studies in Chemical Engineering. She is an active student who participates in workshops and lab demonstrations offered to promote the benefits of engineering studies, and more particularly to encourage young female students to consider studies in science and engineering. She participates in fund raising activities on campus such as Shinerama and H.O.P.E., a volleyball tournament to benefit CHEO. Weekly, she volunteers her time at the Ottawa Mission and at the Ottawa Hospital. She is also active in her parish and her Eastern Ontario community. She is definitely a dynamic and engaged student. 

Xin Ben YuXin Ben YU is a music student in the Faculty of Arts. She arrived in Canada from China with her family when she was 8 years old. Her family settled in Québec and she took the opportunity to learn both of Canada’s official languages. She believes that learning both French and English is part of being Canadian. Xin Ben has used her organisational skills and musical talent to offer concerts to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross and the Free Wheelchair Mission. She offers free concerts for tenants in retirement homes. She participates in the University’s Best Buddy program that offers help to international students. Xin Ben also performs at church services in her home community and in Ottawa. She is a student who strongly believes in community service.

2011 Recipients:  two $2,000 scholarships

Corey Willard


Corey WILLARD, a first year student of the Common Law program. Read the thank you letter from Corey that was sent to the ASRA. 

Véronique Gingras-Gauthier 

Véronique GINGRAS-GAUTHIER, student in Civil Law.  Read the thank you letter from Véronique that was sent to the ASRA. 

Récipiendaires 2011

Scholarships being awarded at the 2011 Founders’ Breakfast: (left to right) Normand Séguin, Director of Financial Aid and Awards, Hélène Boivin, President of the ASRA, Véronique Gingras-Gauthier, student in Civil Law, and Allan Rock, President of uOttawa.

First Recipient 2010:  one $2,000 scholarship

Laurence BÉLANGER, student in Nutrition.   Read the thank you letter from Laurence that was sent to the ASRA.

Récipiendaires 2010

Scholarship being awarded at the 2010 Founders’ Breakfast: Hélène Boivin, President of the ASRA, Laurence Bélanger, and Normand Séguin, Director of Financial Aid and Awards.

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