Importance of the Email

A unique email address is provided to all regular University of Ottawa staff for life. When you retire, you may continue using this email address for your own personal use. This email address is never reassigned to someone else.

In 2019, the University’s Human Resources Service announced that all their communications to retirees would be sent by email only. The email address used can only be the email address of the retiree. Paper mail will only be sent if specifically requested for each type of communication. Consequently, it is important to maintain your access to your email.

In addition, your email and associated password are the unique identifiers that will give you access to several online services, including the ability to update your personal information, to retrieve your tax forms such as the T4A forms, and to use other online services.

How to access your @uOttawa email

The simplest way to use your @uOttawa email is to visit the address . You will need to provide your email address and password.

Numerous other methods can be used to read your email. The @uOttawa email service is a 'Microsoft Exchange' service. You may add this type of email account to your Apple tablet or telephone. You may also add your @uOttawa account to any email software on a Windows or Mac computer. Most email software offer the option of adding a 'Microsoft Exchange' email account.

You may also ask that your email be forwarded to another personal email address (see procedure under 'Email Forwarding' on the left).

If you have forgotten your password or even your email address

If you have forgotten your password, you may call the helpline at (613) 562-5800 ext. 6555 or, better yet, fill in the form at Select the category 'Employee' at the top of the form and provide your employee number and your uoAccess identifier, which is the abbreviated form of the left part of your email address (for example, 'jtrem06' or 'jtrembla' and not 'jeanne.tremblay').

If you don't remember your @uOttawa email address or your uoAccess identifier, at the top of the form, select 'Alumni, consultant and others', provide your personal email address in the 'Other email' field and you must provide your employee number in the 'Additional details' field at the bottom of the form.