Your Benefits

In recognition of services rendered, the University of Ottawa grants retired staff certain special benefits.

The Board of Directors of the Administrative Staff Retirees’ Association (ASRA) strives to ensure the maintenance as well as the enhancement of these post-retirement benefits. To this end, the Board maintains links with the various services of the University of Ottawa in order to address any issues of concern to members. The list of our achievements shows the improvements obtained over the years thanks to ASRA's efforts.

The Human Resources website also describes some of the benefits to which you are entitled.

N.B. The information contained in the sub-pages to the left of this text was accurate when last edited. However, since rates, benefits and conditions may change over the years, we recommend that you check their accuracy and applicability with the appropriate provider.

Disclaimer - The information contained on this page is provided for reference only. This page is not intended to be a comprehensive or definitive statement of benefits at the University. For all purposes of interpretation and application, you must refer to the policies and collective agreements governing human resources management at the University.