History of the fund

History of our scholarship fund

2003: Creation of an endowed fund called the "Retired support staff scholarship." The fund needed to accumulate 10K dollars fund before any  scholarship could be awarded.

2008: Our Association added 1K dollars to the endowed fund. This amount was matched by the University of Ottawa, bringing the total to the required minimum of 10K dollars.

2009: The fund was combined with the active employees' scholarship fund and renamed the "University of Ottawa Active and Retired Administrative Staff Scholarship," which added about 2K per year from the Founders Breakfast donations. In addition, the "Staff Circle" donated 2K to the fund before the Circle was dissolved.

2010: Award of the first 2K scholarship.

2011 to 2020: Award of 2 or 3 scholarships every year, depending on the funds available in the distribution fund. As of 2020, donations from the Founders Breakfast are no longer allocated to this scholarship fund.

2021: The endowed fund exceeds $200,000 and generates enough income in the distribution fund to allow us to award several scholarships each year.