Everything you need to know about funeral planning

Presentation by Beverlee McIntosh, MSW. Volunteer Board of Directors, Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa.

There are many complicated (and expensive) decisions to be made when it comes time to plan a funeral. At the time of death, grieving families may be unsure what arrangements the deceased person wanted, resulting in stress and dissent among family members. The bereaved are often vulnerable to sales pressure which can unnecessarily increase the cost of the funeral. 

This presentation will review the essential decisions around funeral planning and give participants tools to help discuss this sensitive issue with their executors. We will talk about options for burial, cremation and distribution of ashes, and some suggestions to plan meaningful funerals and memorial services.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH  2022 2:00pm on ZOOM.  A French presentation is offered at 10:00 am

You will receive the link to join us by email the day before the presentation.